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The Moscow's Gateway



One of the most famous places in Moscow's Zamoskvorech'e: corner of the Lavrushinskij and Tolmachevskij pereulok pereulok and Ordinskij tupik. Lavrushindkij pereulok is known in the whole world, the Tretjakov Gallery is located there. Great classical mansion with the iron baroque fence is in the Tolmachevskij pereulok. Ordinskij tupik 5a is the writer's, house where the famous Russian writers lived, such as Ilf and Petrov. Inside of the yard of this big gray building the 2-story house is located. It was built in the middle of the 17th century and got the additions in the 18-19th centuries. The additions were saved during the restoration works in the 1970s.

Other Moscow's Gateways

Subway station Kropotkinskaja


Bol'shja Andron'evdkaaja Street

Again Zamoskvorech'e: Pjatnitskaja Street. It was built the middle of the 18th century, it is located inside of the block.


This gateway is located near the subway station Park Kul'turi, against Proviantskie Sklady. The classical style mansion is seen in the yard.

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