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Welcome to the cemetery!
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The Russian government has a lot of problems within the country. However, supporting this necropolis could be an important action..


I heard that the Russian genetic fund is located in the cemetery Saint Genevieve de Bois (Paris). I think this necropolis is very important for Russians, along with the cemeteries of the Donskoy and Novodevichiy monasteries in Moscow and Alexander -Nevskaja Lavra in St. Petersburg. Sainte Genevieve de Bois is the last refuge of many of those who made the greatness of the Russian Silver Age. Those who stayed back in Russia were basically banned from the creative work and eventually destroyed by the policy of social genocide. They were the splinters of the broken age, the separate personalities of the giants beyond a social and artistic environment.

The cemetery was opened after establishing the Russian Nursing Home in the 1930s, near by.


One of the main problem of the Sainte Genevieve de Bois is an absence of a reference material. This work can be done by the volunteers. It is just a small challenge for you guys.

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Chapel in the Cemetery.

Built in the 1930s. Painted inside by Albert Benua.

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Dmitriy Merezhkovskiy and Zinaida Gippius

Text on the back side of a picture written by the famous French collector Rene Guerra.

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Andrey Tarkovskiy

The white graves of the Kadetskiy Corpus are on the right side.

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Sergey Lifar

I do not know whose grave this is. If you have any information please let me know.

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