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Services for owners and users of historical buildings and professional architectural companies.

Archisurvey will do complete architectural surveys of historical buildings. The services include:

  •  measurement and drawing of buildings (schematic, architectural and archeological) - floor plans, elevations, sections, structures and details

  • physical investigation of the components, structures and details

  • dating and defining of time periods (buildings, building elements and details)

  • discovering evidence of missing parts of buildings, structures and details; reconstruction of the missing details

  • paint analysis; defining original and later finish layers and their connection to each time period; working with historical wallpaper, stencils and murals

  • professional photographs

  • historical and structural reports, including: measured drawings, diagrams of time periods for plans, elevations, sections and details; colors (both for interiors and exteriors), wallpaper and murals; photographs; graphic reconstruction for original and later time periods

  • recommendation for restoration design

  • design for historical wallpaper

  • inventory of valuable historical details for historical buildings



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